Biggest Freestyle Fail - Drake

Drake has apparently tried to freestyle live on a
Brittish radio show hosted by former Pimp My
Ride-Brittain host Tim Westwood.

Go in to Kaye´s Blog and watch the parody made
by Affion Crocket.

Review - Dr@gnet BLVD Mixtape!

Kaye has bin asked by DJ 2MUCH himself to make
a review on his newly released mixtape called:

Dra@gnet BLVD

With: Davidsdot, Roasta, SP 1200, JP Morg, Arsenik,
Stev o, Count V and Ice Bezzy.

To read the review and to download the mixtape
just click on the link:

Kaye´s Review on Dr@gnet BLVD

Welcome to the New SwagLikeThis!

Hi, welcome to SwagLikeThis!
As you may have noticed the blog has bin shut down for
a few days due to the reconstruction of the design.
There is a new member that you can see in the "Our Blogers"
window right under the menu bar.

Her name is Michelle and she will be taking care of everyhting
that has to do with HipHop fashion and looks.
And you can visit her blog by clicking on her picture in the
"Our Blogers" section above.

I have decided to make a seperate blog for my post´s
as well wich you can also find in the "Our Blogers" section.

This means that what used to be the SwagLikeThis Blog is
now the main page for both our blogs.
The reason for doing this is because we will have one or two
more blogers joining us and we will all have seperate themes.
But don´t worry, you dont have to go in to every single blog
to read whats going on in them.
Everything that every bloger writes will end up here anyways
so that you can get a full view of whats new.

We hope you will enjoy the new SwagLikeThis!

Stuart B - Producing Live!

A pretty good producer from downunder.
And yes it is all live!

Video streaming by Ustream

What Happened to Levis?

Some people have bin asking me randomly about what
happened with the DJ Levis interview.
The truth is that I don´t really know.

I have talked to him about making an interview and he told
me to hit him up on facebook and so I did.
I gave him a link to the blog, he tought it was good
and said OK to make an interview.
I wrote him with a day that I thought would be ok
and where he wanted to meet up.

But he never ansvered and I´m not going to beg
him for the interview either.
He is still one of my favorite DJ´s and I´m not going to
press him if he doesn´t want to get interviewed.

At least I´ve asked and now the ball is at his court.

If you want to know what´s going on in his life you can
always visit his personal blog by clicking the picture below.

Sneak Peak - The New Blog Design!

Here is a tiiiiiny preview of what the new header looks like.

I´m working on full speed with the new design and I am finally
done with the main page, but I´ve still got a lot of work ahead.
It is hard to redesign the whole blog because I have to think
really hard on not trying to make something that someone else
already has, because some poeple love to compare me to another
bloger and say that I steal ideas from there.

Some details are pretty new and some are basic stuff that all
blogers have, but This is what will represent my blog from now on.
The release date was set to July 12:th because I wasn´t sure that
I would be able to finish it all before that day.
But it seems that I might release the new design even earlier, we´ll
have to see what I feel for.

Slow Week!

It´s been a slow week I know, not many pic´s, no interviews
and no videos at all.
That´s because I have been busy planing the new thread for
the blog and the tour together with ENC.

But I promise that everything will be back on track on monday,
july 12:th and I will also release the new blog theme then.
Don´t think that I won´t be updating the blog because of that,
Gatutalang is back in town and we´ve got a lot to tell you guys.

Best B-Day!

Yesterday was a great day for me.
For the first time in a long time my whole family was
together, My Father, mother and siblings.
And ofcourse I was also with my children and wife.

What surprised me was that Melika from DuVetInte
called me and sang Happy Birthday in English.
I suppose that it was Mirlinda singing with her
so a big thanks to the both of them.

Although my home country Chile lost to brazil yesterday,
it was still a great day for me and all Chileans I belive.


For you who don´t know me personally or unless you
are a stalker or something, today is my Birthday.
So there won´t be anymore posts today!

But have a nice day my people!


You cant´s miss this event tonight!
Parham and VIC Live at Stars n Bars, Järntorget.

I will be there of course to film it all and I will probably
upload it during next week.
VIC also called me up and told me that they had a sick
show prepared for everybody.

One of my boys from STHLM is visiting too and last time
he was here I showed him and the other DehDinPoik boys
the best of Gothenburg City.

So tonight will be no exception!

Lot Of Things Today!

First of all I would like to pay my sincerest condolences
to the children of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
Today is exactly a year ago since he passed away.

Second of all, happy midsommer everybody.
I hope that you spend this day with people you truly
have near to you and a wonderfull weather.
I will be spending it in Liseberg with my wife, children
and acompanied of some close friends.
And after that we´re heading to my fathers football club
to watch the Chile - Spain game while eating enpanadas.

The video from last saturday´s battle at the Ubahn store
is finally done, I just have to render it and that takes time.
So since I am going to be out all day I will probably put it up
tomorrow, but I have to say, it is the best editing I´ve done yet.

Editing + Gatutalang!

I´m trying to finish editing the footages from both John Lemon´s
and my camera from saturday´s battle.
So I´m hoping to finish it all tonight and release it already tomorrow.

And my homeboy Gatutalang is back from spain now and he
thought he would give me a shout out.
You can see it in the Shout Out Player on the right side bar.

My good friend the bloger DuVetInte was in town and she made a
sick recording yesterday for her ducumentary of what I heard.
You´ll see what I mean when it comes out.

I´ve Got It!

For six months have I wondered in the dark without
knowing where I´m heading with this blog.
Just writing post after post informing you of the things
that have passed my eyes.
But now I´ve got it!

I have finally found the red thread for this diary of what
will and has been, my guideline through the mists.
And the answer was under my nose the whole time,
this is something that will take my blog one step further.

HipHop is not just a culture. IT´S A LIFESTYLE!

And that´s just what you will witness.
I will still keep on my regular bloging/vloging but I will add
new chapters to the whole concept.

You´ll know what I mean When I´m done with the preparations.

Cypher @ Ubahn Streetstore!

Here is a short footage from a cypher right before the true
battle between 2 i Styrka and Shazaam.
The blog John Lemon and I have decided to mix the footage
from both our cameras of the Battle, to give you the ultimate
experience of how the battle whent down.
Hopefully the video will be done this weekend and it´s not as
complicated to edit as the Ken Ring Video.

Anyways here is a little view of the evening with some familiar
faces spitting on the mic.

From Now On, No Fake´s!

I´m not going to pretend like I never get angry,
fuck it I´m human and this is what I have to say!

What I do, I do because I love it.
I do not win any money doing this or for making
all the interviews that I have done.
Seriously is everything about money now a days?
What happened with the love for the passion?

As soon as you start getting paid for what you love and
you make royalty your only goal, it stops being a passion
and starts becoming a work.
Once it is a work, you stop loving it.

I´m glad I had the luck to meet a couple of people that
have the same interest as me and not on money.
And what happened to call a brother up just to check
how he is now a days?
I might call you up once or twice if I see you as my friend.
But after that fuck you!
Just because you see me making interviews with artists you
suppose that I´m rich to call you all the time?

But Hey!
I´m still going to be nice and make a free event for all my
readers, friends and so called friends.

Soon I will be making a party that´s free and out-doors.
What do I gain? Not a shit!

Just the satisfaction of trying to show you hip hop in it´s
true nature. Where artists perform live and just for the love.
Where you can get so close to some of your favorite artists
that you will be able to see the sweat fall from theyr forehead
from how hard they will be rocking the mic!

I will update you guys later with names and place etc.

Just whant to give a big ShoutOut to:

Gatutalang that will be back on wednesday.
and as soon as he does we will be rocking this city so hard
that the ground we walk on will have our footprints on it.

VIC for being a true hip hop visionary and for supporting
true hip hop to the edge.

DJ 2MUCH for all the love he has shown.

If i have missed someone? haha prove me wrong then :p

Saturday´s Battle!

Last saturday´s battle between 2 i Styrka and Shazaam was EPIC!
I´m not going to tell you who I thought won, but There will be a
video up soon for you who missed it.

It was a battle between lyricism and punch lining that could go
on forever with no way to tell how it would end.

Here below you can see a few of the pictures I took during the event.

The Battle Is Today!!!

Don´t forget that today is the big rap battle between
2 i Styrka and Shazaam.

be there on time because the place will get full quick.

Short Info:

den 19 juni 2010
15:00 - 18:00
Ubahn Store
Karl Gustavsgatan 19
Göteborg, Sweden

Adding The Last Subtitles!

Im adding the last subtitles now for the video and then it´s time to
render it wich will take about 2 hours.
So let´s hope that it goes faster.
And I shortened the video to 16 minutes because it was a lot of material
that 2MUCH and I saw as unnecessary.

What Makes Me Loco!

As I´ve told you before I´ve bin working as a DJ for a long
time now and ther is one thing that angers me.
When I was actually dedicating all my time to being a DJ,
I had to work like a beast and for a salary to starv on.

Now when I´ve decided not to concentrate on that area
poeple call me now and then and whant to pay me good
money for me to play in different places of the country.

What angers me a little more is that I know that I am
better than some of the DJ´s that are frequently playing
at some of the biggest clubs in Gothenburg.

Now you might think that I am just talking shit and that
I´m one of those who thinks to much of him self.
But one of these "Big Named" DJ´s actually had to get
fired from one club because the owner wanted to give
the job to me after he and I had a back to back show.

But now I actually don´t care that much because last
year I was on a tour in Peru and now on July I am going
on a Europe tour, that´s more than even half of them will
ever get to do as professional DJ´s.

ENC´s Single Now On iTunes!

My homeboy ENC´s single "Como Puedo Explicar" is
now available on iTunes.
So I suggest you click below and buy it!

ENC - Como Puedo Explicar

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